Europe’s largest digital signage provider, Amscreen, have just launched the first-ever SMART DOOH® LED Billboard with unique individual level LED monitoring integrated into their tried and tested RDM® remote device monitoring system allowing media owners to remain at the forefront of cutting edge DOOH advertising solutions.

As cities continue to get smarter, and consumers are demanding more from brands than ever before, the opportunity to facilitate stronger connections between brands and audiences is greater than ever. Large-format Digital LED billboards are a smart choice for media owners who want to guarantee that the advertising they display is highly visible even in the brightest sunshine or harshest of weather conditions.

Amscreen are streamlining the entire process for their clients by offering a fully managed service and ongoing 24/7 UK-based RDM® remote device monitoring service, rather than relying on third-party supply chains that can be unreliable or difficult to manage. RDM® is fitted into every single Amscreen product and offers real-time insights and data from 250 sensors that can be integrated to the client’s inventory management system, providing consistent, high-quality content for their featured brands.


Every one of their SMART DOOH® LED Billboards will be fitted with their tried-and-tested technology meaning that any issues, down to individual LED sub-pixel level can be quickly identified and swiftly resolved. This provides reassurance and accountability to media owners who can assure maximum uptime to their advertising clients. The result will be uninterrupted and completely illuminated brand stories able to catch the eye of target customers in crystal clear quality.

CEO Simon Sugar said of the launch:

“As a business we’ve always had a strong focus on providing outstanding quality and service to our clients and the launch of our new SMART DOOH® LED product allows us to continue to set the benchmark for the high standard of digital outdoor signage in the UK and across Europe. As our cities continue to get smarter, so must our signage solutions, and we’re excited to lead from the front.”


About Amscreen

Amscreen produce and operate the most advanced digital signage solutions in the world for the digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising market.

With a technology heritage in wireless communication, remote monitoring and the Internet Of Things (IOT) since 2000, Amscreen uniquely offer a full-service solution through in-house hardware and software development that is highly focussed on maximising screen uptime for media owners.

Over 3, 500+ large format sunlight readable displays are deployed in over 12 European Countries, managed wirelessly from Amscreen’s Network Operations Centre using their own Remote Device Monitoring (RDM®) Software as a Service (SAAS) Platform and smart technology integrated within displays.

Amscreen’s SMART DOOH® LED Billboard with unique individual level LED monitoring is now seamlessly integrated with RDM® and SMART MAINTENANCE® services allowing media owners to remain at the forefront of cutting edge DOOH advertising solutions.


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