Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do!

Amscreen go beyond using technology to monitor and promote healthier and more sustainable environments within communities!


Whilst our products have the ability to continuously measure the environment around them, such as pollution levels, traffic levels and noise, we build sustainability into everything we do …


Our Products  

Our new Waferlite® Product range utilises Amscreen’s ECOBRITE® technology that encompasses the integration of high brightness LCD displays with efficient power supplies, electronic assemblies, low noise fans and eco-friendly materials.


Quite simply this means that our Waferlite displays are quiet, take less power for a given brightness level, which maximises their operating lifetime, where they are incredibly recyclable at the end of life … in many years!


Waferlite innovative cooling system means that fan operation is minimised and UV solar glass filters are dispensed with so that there is no loss of screen brightness. In short we get lower power operation by not driving displays as hard!



Our Manufacturing Facility  

Our new facility has achieved the top Energy Performance Certificate rating of A and a BREEAM rating of very good. The facility will make substantial use of recycled and reusable materials, selected on a whole lifecycle assessment basis, with most elements having a 25 year life guarantee.


The building will has a far reaching recycling and waste management system, on site electric vehicle charging points, a rainwater harvesting system supplying all WC’s, significant GRP roof lights and the latest M&E systems to minimise energy use.



Our Processes  

Waferlites transport solution has been developed to maximise the number of units on a vehicle vastly reducing the environmental impact … as well as cost!