DOOH providing hope on the horizon

Back in November of last year when everyone began to realise just what a long, hard winter we had ahead of us, there was one shining light at the end of the tunnel. The incredible worldwide scientific achievement of developing multiple Covid-19 vaccines and beginning their rollout on an unprecedented scale.

Hope for a brighter 2021 – both socially and economically – began to spread as each industry looked ahead, figuring out what that great light at the end of the tunnel might mean for them.

DOOH breaking into the mainstream

In its Global Entertainment & Media Outlook 2020-2024[i] report published in November 2020, PWC Global predicted that one of the main drivers for recovery in the advertising industry from 2021 onwards would be digital out-of-home (DOOH).

The report highlighted the shift in the sector expected in the wake of the disruption of the pandemic. For most of 2020, with populations in lockdown, off the streets and restricted in their movements, the big players like traditional OOH or cinema were hit hardest. Digital picked up some of the slack, but according to the report, consumers are now exercising more control on their personal devices meaning that, looking ahead, OOH options that can’t be blocked or skipped look set to rise.

DOOH delivers on many levels

With everyone in the industry keeping an even closer eye on ROI than ever before, a return to the same old OOH channels is unlikely to cut it. That’s where DOOH comes in, because it brings all the benefits of OOH with added superpowers. Instead of fighting to occupy the same space as digital, it can maximise the potential of a whole new space that feels familiar yet inspiring enough to encourage consumer engagement.

Measurable, flexible, contextual, efficient: it’s easy to see why DOOH technology is feted as one of the hottest trends turning heads across the industry from media owners to municipal managers. Want to adapt your campaign to respond to a sudden change in the weather? Looking to make sure you send the right message that resonates at breakfast, lunch or dinner time? Investing in an urban nervous system that isn’t just future-proofed to serve communities better but ready to generate revenue and deliver results today?

DOOH is the way to go.

Signs are promising for the year ahead

While the pandemic and its fallout continue to affect our daily lives, in the UK the ongoing vaccine rollout and relaxation of restrictions are fuelling optimism. The IPA Bellwether Report Q1 2021 released in April shows that cuts to marketing budgets are easing (for the third quarter in a row) and the industry in general is more upbeat than it’s been since 2015[ii], with 41% of the firms reporting they’re ‘more optimistic about industry-wide financial prospects compared to three months ago’.

With summer finally here, a heightened consumer appetite for change, and everyone emerging back out into their communities, this is arguably the perfect time to embrace the new space of DOOH.

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[i] ‘Global OOH market is set to back bounce in 2021’ says PWC Global report (