Wall Mounted

Maximum visibility with a minimal carbon footprint.

As well as being better for the environment, these units can be given a higher elevation, delivering greater visibility of content.

5000 nit 75” LCD panel

Guaranteeing that everything seen on our screens is in full, vibrant colour and seen in all weathers.

Easy install and maintenance

Bespoke modular design means that anyone can be trained to resolve any issues easily at ground-level.

Encryption and authentication

Multiple encryptions and authentication protocols

Wireless and Maintenance

Wireless smart monitoring and maintenance via RDM®

These large format displays have high-brightness, sunlight-visible screens to deliver striking content. They are built for easy mounting on all surfaces and offer simple accessibility through Amscreen’s patented modular designs.

Suited to streets and environments where pavement space is limited or not owned.

  • 2500 nit 75” LCD panel
  • Ease of installation and maintenance
  • Multiple encryption and authentication protocols
  • Wireless smart monitoring and maintenance via RDM®

Our new Waferlite® product range utilises and screens ECOBRITE® technology that encompasses the integration of high-brightness LCD displays with efficient power supplies, electronic assemblies, low-noise fans and eco-friendly materials.

Part of the new Waferlite® product range

Waferlite® screens ECOBRITE® technology that encompasses the integration of high-brightness LCD displays with efficient power supplies, electronic assemblies, low-noise fans and eco-friendly materials.

The ways we can bring more value to our products are almost unlimited.

Our products can be fitted with bespoke modular accessories (either separate or integrated), to deliver tailored insights and provide practical solutions for audiences.

In addition to providing our own solutions, we can also collaborate with third parties, either directly or by sharing data, to connect the isolated data points and create one smart ecosystem.

Environmental monitors

Measure information on pollution levels, pollen count, traffic flow and noise alerts.

Small cells

Built-in space to accommodate small cells that can boost local internet coverage.

Hand sanitiser dispensers

Provide valuable street-level sanitising stations to protect communities on the move.

Contactless payment points

Provide and instant way for people to respond to charity campaigns with secure, contactless payments.

Charging points

Prevent people from running out of battery on-the-go with free and valuable charging points.

Defibrillator pods

Provide a lifeline to the local community by installing a defibrillator pod at street-level.

Words from our trusted partners

“Amscreen is not only a strategic partner for Clear Channel Europe, it is also key for Clear Channel Spain, thanks to a very agile relationship that has favored our rapid digital implementation, such as in the cities of Barcelona and Seville. Agility and innovation are essential to achieve our position as a referrer for DOOH in the Spanish advertising industry ”

Jordi Sáez Camacho

CEO Clear Channel Spain

“With the installation of 75'' double-sided digital panels in Gouda, we have successfully completed this project in collaboration with Amscreen. Despite the challenges of Covid-19, Amscreen managed to make the complete process run perfectly. Amscreen provided great support with clear information and training, well organized transport and a great helpdesk. We are very happy with the final result, the high quality panels with great design and advanced technology blend in beautifully with the beautiful old centre of Gouda. ”

Raymond van Kasterop

Managing Director Clear Channel Netherlands

“Amscreen is a vital partner in enabling us to realise our ambitious digital out of home expansion plans, across the globe. Simon and the team's ability to deliver high quality, reliable products at the scale and pace we need, is unsurpassed. We have thousands of Amscreen units in streets and towns across our markets, giving advertisers all of the rich benefits of DOOH to reach and engage these audiences.”

William Eccleshare

Worldwide CEO Clear Channel Outdoor

“It’s great to have a partner that understands the advertising business – having a scalable digital screen solution is very important to us.”

Justin Cochrane

CEO, Europe, Clear Channel Outdoor Clear Channel, UK

“We are delighted to have worked with Amscreen in the development of the first roadside and national retail digital advertising networks in Ireland. The quality of the HD screens and their track record in operating across outdoor environments means that Amscreen is the right partner for Clear Channel Ireland when we are developing new and exciting Digital Out-of-Home advertising propositions. Amscreen’s partnership approach has enabled us to offer well designed, high quality and consistently reliable digital solutio”

Terry Buckley

Managing Director Clear Channel Ireland

“I’m very proud of our partnership with Amscreen. We’ve worked together and overcome some significant technical and logistical challenges to deliver a fantastic range of digital street furniture.”

Mark Webb

Operations Director Clear Channel UK

““The challenges of setting up an in-house build team for the Digital 48 structures within Clear Channel was made so much smoother due to the outstanding coordination and partnership that was formed with Amscreen, creating a fantastic design and build! The product has not only enhanced the digital billboards visually, it has allowed my team to build far more effectively and efficiently than originally targeted, thanks to the innovative design of the structure.””

Tony Hird

Head of Construction Clear Channel UK

“I'm managing more than 3000 digital screens for Clear Channel France and have recently installed several hundreds of outdoor Amscreen units in different cities in many different configurations. As I have responsibility for installation, maintenance, configuration of hardware and software it has been easy working with the Amscreen operations and technical team to make all of this possible. ”

Ronan Mulet

Operation digital manager Clear Channel France

“It has been an interesting time, and a developing experience to work with Amscreen! They are always supportive and helpful and ready to find a solution for everything, it feels good to get that support.”

Dennis Lewenhagen

Technical project specialist, Head of purchase in Scandinavia Clear Channel Scandinavia - Sweden

“Clear Channel Spain has been installing digital screens since 2008 and after working with several suppliers, it is being a very positive experience to work with Amscreen, thanks to the versatility and ease of installation of their screens, as well as their high degree of reliability. Amscreen has a technical team very focused on customer needs and they are always ready to provide support when needed. It is an excellent professional, human and highly qualified team, which is the one of the Amscreen competitive advantages.”

Victor Bejarano Piñar

Regional head of Central-North-Northwest Digital Operations Clear Channel Spain

End to End Service

End to End Service

Remote Device Management®

Remote Device Management (RDM®) is our own unique software that delivers real-time performance data for every site across the entire screen network. It is the heartbeat of Amscreen and allows us to run everything remotely like clockwork.


End to End Service

Powerful Insights

The data we receive from our RDM® analytics suite lets us cut through the digital noise and catch the attention of target audiences at the right place and time.


End to End Service

Distribution and Scalability

Our dedicated facilities in the north of England and the Far East allow us to provide quick and efficient production and delivery across Europe and beyond. These production centres ensure we keep lead times to a minimum.


End to End Service

Training and 24/7 Support

We offer complete training for our partner installation teams as well as an ongoing line of support to assist in the smooth roll-out and maintenance of a screen network.


End to End Service

Installation and Servicing

We install our screens with minimal on-street disruption, and our efficient servicing solutions ensure maximum uptime.


End to End Service

Content Delivery and Integration

Amscreen uses Vodafone 4G and 5G network-based connectivity, providing nationwide content delivery.


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