Real time performance data across the entire screen network

When a screen is placed on the ground, clients know it is being constantly assessed from our control rooms here at Amscreen.

Discover how we deliver real time performance data for every screen across the entire Amscreen network.

What is Remote Device Management®?

Remote Device Management (RDM®) is our own unique software that delivers real-time performance data for every site across the entire screen network. It is the heartbeat of Amscreen and allows us to run everything remotely like clockwork.

Through a combination of over 250 sensors, automated alerts and predictive issue management, RDM® provides 24-hour insight, allowing you to feel completely confident in the delivery of consistent, high-quality out-of-home content. It can also be integrated with other inventory management systems.

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24/7 Insights

Constant monitoring, round the clock.

250 Sensors

Measuring everything from temperature to air flow.

Automated Alerts

Be aware of any issues immediately, as they occur.

Predictive Issue Management

Responsive sensors can resolve some problems automatically.

Fully Integrated

Designed by Amscreen, for Amscreen products.

Clockwork Management

Our friendly helpdesk is always on hand to answer questions.

Pinpoint accuracy

RDM® can be integrated into other inventory management systems, allowing media owners and their clients to create fully optimised advertising campaigns that can target desired audiences with pinpoint accuracy.

Air quality

Understanding pollution levels is an essential part of keeping cities healthy. Our sensors can monitor
air quality for councils.

Traffic flow

Traffic levels can be recorded to make better decisions when building and developing city

Noise levels

Noise pollution can be monitored, and the emergency services can be contacted automatically in the
event of an explosion or set sound level.

Contactless donations on screen

Contactless payment can be added to collect donations instantly and securely on behalf of charity

Connection speed

We can monitor public WiFi and small cell access that's offered through our hubs to ensure a fast
connection is maintained.

Data usage

Understand how connected your community truly is by measuring the demand for data within specific locations.


Helps you to understand how many people have been in the vicinity of a screen.

Demographic stats

Our advanced tracking technology allows campaigns to target particular demographics, ensuring the
content is relevant and engaging.

Screen uptime

24/7 monitoring provides reassurance and accountability to media owners who can assure
maximum uptime to advertising clients.

Screen brightness

Our screens automatically adjust to external conditions like weather and daylight for optimum

Screen temperature

By constantly tracking the internal and external temperature, we can make immediate changes to
protect the screen if needed.

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