Creating one
ecosystem for communities

Stay connected

The way we communicate with the people around us may have shifted over time, but the reasons why we want to stay connected remain the same: social equity and the need to feel included.

Digital technology has become fundamental in how we do this. Although cities can utilise digital tools to empower communities by providing access and inclusion to all, they can also use them to become more efficient behind the scenes.

Value for everyone

Alongside providing public Wi-Fi, wayfinding touchscreens, travel updates, and a platform to share local information, Amscreen is always exploring and developing new ways to create value for cities and the people within them.

Local business advertising

Enabling local businesses to increase sales and revenues from nearby advertising screens.

Public information

Touch interactive displays providing transport information, local services, direction finding, and local mapping.

Public Wi-Fi

Ease of access to local information, education and digital access, emergency and safety announcements.

Telephone services

Offering emergency use and local communication services for tourists, overseas students, visitors, and those who do not have access to mobile phones.

Small cells

Extending mobile coverage in local neighbourhoods improving communication for people and smart devices.

Mobile interactivity

Ease of mobile payments for local and public services, charitable donations, local promotions, coupons and offers.

One smart ecosystem

In addition to providing our own solutions, we can collaborate with third parties, either directly or by sharing data, to connect the isolated data points and create one smart ecosystem.

Pinpoint accuracy

RDM® is fitted into every single one of our products, sending insights from over 250 sensors directly to our analytics suite. It ensures that inventory is easy-to-manage and always on. You can also choose from an array of bespoke features to meet specific campaign and environmental objectives.

Contactless donations on screen

Contactless payment can be added to collect donations instantly and securely on behalf of charity campaigns.

Connection speed

We can monitor public WiFi and small cell access that's offered through our hubs to ensure a fast connection is maintained.

Data usage

Understand how connected your community truly is by measuring the demand for data within specific locations.

Screen uptime

24/7 monitoring provides reassurance and accountability to media owners who can assure maximum uptime to advertising clients.

Screen brightness

Our screens automatically adjust to external conditions like weather and daylight for optimum viewing.

Screen temperature

By constantly tracking the internal and external temperature, we can make immediate changes to protect the screen if needed.

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