Using technology
to reduce
city growing

Growing pains

As cities expand and populations become denser, the pressure on councils and city leaders to combat the accompanying ‘growing pains’ rises. Making our surroundings safer, healthier and more sustainable are key examples of this.

Smarter decisions

Amscreen’s products have the ability to continuously measure the environment around them, including pollution levels, traffic levels and noise. In turn, cities can use these insights to make smarter decisions and implement the right solutions.

Environmental sensors

Our products can be fitted with sensors to monitor various environmental aspects, including pollen and pollution levels, temperature, wind, humidity, and traffic.

Collaborative solutions

We can collaborate with third parties, either directly or by sharing data, to connect the isolated data points and create one smart ecosystem.

Data analytics

Collection, analysis, sharing, and collaboration of data to deliver truly integrated and intelligent smart city solutions.

Emergency communication

Providing a platform for public safety announcements and a vital connection to the emergency services.

Safer streets

As for safer streets, we provide a platform to alert the public to critical safety announcements, as well as connect them to the emergency services if required.

We also work with several partners to integrate the latest solar panel technology, providing lighting in urban spaces as and when it’s needed.

Pinpoint accuracy

RDM® is fitted into every single one of our products, sending insights from over 250 sensors directly to our analytics suite. It ensures that inventory is easy-to-manage and always on. You can also choose from an array of bespoke features to meet specific campaign and environmental objectives.

Air quality

Understanding pollution levels is an essential part of keeping cities healthy. Our sensors can monitor air quality for councils.

Traffic flow

Traffic levels can be recorded to make better decisions when building and developing city infrastructures.

Noise levels

Noise pollution can be monitored, and the emergency services can be contacted automatically in the event of an explosion or set sound level.

Screen uptime

24/7 monitoring provides reassurance and accountability to media owners who can assure maximum uptime to advertising clients.

Screen brightness

Our screens automatically adjust to external conditions like weather and daylight for optimum viewing.

Screen temperature

By constantly tracking the internal and external temperature, we can make immediate changes to protect the screen if needed.

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