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Words from our trusted partners

“Amscreen is a vital partner in enabling us to realise our ambitious digital out of home expansion plans, across the globe. Simon and the team's ability to deliver high quality, reliable products at the scale and pace we need, is unsurpassed. We have thousands of Amscreen units in streets and towns across our markets, giving advertisers all of the rich benefits of DOOH to reach and engage these audiences.”

William Eccleshare

Worldwide CEO Clear Channel Outdoor

“It’s great to have a partner that understands the advertising business – having a scalable digital screen solution is very important to us.”

Justin Cochrane

CEO Clear Channel, Spain

“We are delighted to have worked with Amscreen in the development of the first roadside and national retail digital advertising networks in Ireland. The quality of the HD screens and their track record in operating across outdoor environments means that Amscreen is the right partner for Clear Channel Ireland when we are developing new and exciting Digital Out-of-Home advertising propositions. Amscreen’s partnership approach has enabled us to offer well designed, high quality and consistently reliable digital solutio”

Terry Buckley

Managing Director Clear Channel Ireland

“I’m very proud of our partnership with Amscreen. We’ve worked together and overcome some significant technical and logistical challenges to deliver a fantastic range of digital street furniture.”

Mark Webb

Operations Director Clear Channel UK

“Amscreen have been extremely responsive - we needed a bespoke, new product to meet the specific requirements of our market and Amscreen designed, built and delivered the product in just over 12 weeks”

Kalina Janick

CEO Clear Channel Poland

“Amscreen has been a greater partner for us - we know we have a 6 week lead time, we know everything will work like clockwork and we know they always deliver what they say they will”

Mats Lundquist

General Manager Clear Channel Italy

“Having Amscreen as a partner in the process of digitalizing our product has been a very satisfactory experience. Their products have a simple and optimized design, at the forefront of technology, combined with a financial solution that is really an added value for our projects.”

Arancha Priede

Operations & Development Director Clear Channel, Spain

“First installations with Amscreen commenced in May 2018 in Turku and all went very well. Units were delivered on time and we have had maximum screen uptime ensuring good delivery of our advertiser’s campaigns. We look forward to continuing the rollout of screens as the digital demand grows here in Finland.”

Lassi Tolonen

Product & Development Director Clear Channel Finland

“Great partnerships deliver great results. Find out about the Amscreen and Vodafone IoT partnership and how together, they are leading the way in digital outdoor delivery.”


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