Eco-friendly digital screens

In the modern world, the information you convey has to be crystal clear. Thanks to ECOBRITE®, you can expect the highest quality Waferlite® LCD displays with maximum energy efficiency.

Waferlite® is the world’s most eco-friendly outdoor display screen. Join Amscreen in our mission to create smart, sustainable cities – powered by technology.

A striking first impression

Whether you’re walking through a public square or waiting for a bus, ECOBRITE® is here, there and everywhere.

By integrating high-brightness LCD displays with efficient power supplies, electronic assemblies, low-noise fans and eco-friendly materials, ECOBRITE® is helping to shape the cities of today and tomorrow.

Less power usage

Our Waferlite® screens require less power consumption, with adjustable brightness levels that help to reduce light pollution.

Durable screens

With their brilliant light control features – and eco-friendly materials – our screens have a long lifespan and are super recyclable.

Low noise

Shh! ECOBRITE® technology ensures your digital street furniture is discreet, unobtrusive and blends seamlessly with the urban environment.

Effortlessly modern

We’ve reimagined the classic phone box for a new generation, while our bus shelter displays are raising the bar for how our streets look and feel.

Get in touch with Amscreen

Amscreen is here to transform the built environment, one display screen at a time. Tell us about your project and let’s explore a sustainable solution.