Smarter signage

Look on the bright side: we can build smart, sustainable cities, but we need to dim the lights when it counts. ECONO SMART® reduces power automatically when digital displays aren’t in use. It’s a subtle but sensible way to make our cities fit for the future.

ECONO SMART® is shaping the cities of tomorrow.

It’s one thing to have bright lights in the evening peak, but when we’re all back home or tucked in bed, ECONO SMART® works its magic.

When shops are closed or the pubs have long since rung the bell for last orders, ECONO SMART® is wide awake. By reducing power in the early hours, we can develop cities that aren’t just sustainable, but sensible.

Remote light control

RDM® enables remotely configured power saving to give you maximum control over your energy usage.

Highly adaptable

With ECONO SMART® technology, digital backlights can be switched off ‘after hours’ based on local foot traffic.

Energy efficiency

By minimising power usage, our screens are more environmentally friendly. We automatically reduce power usage in quieter periods.

Cut light pollution

We can all play our part in making our cities more sustainable, and when it comes to reducing light pollution, ECONO SMART® is part of the answer.

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