Sustainable signage

The bright lights are what make our cities special. And now that technology is part of our everyday lives, Amscreen is leading the charge to make our cities smarter, safer and more sustainable. SMART BRIGHTNESS® helps to limit the impact of screen brightness so that our digital environment does justice to the places we love.

SMART BRIGHTNESS® is making our cities more sustainable

SMART BRIGHTNESS® is built as standard in our digital screens and signage to reduce harmful light pollution.

Let’s face it – lighting is everywhere in a modern urban environment. But SMART BRIGHTNESS® can detect the lights from streetlamps and passing cars, then adjust accordingly for the best viewing experience.

Optimum viewing

SMART BRIGHTNESS® helps to provide useful at-a-glance information without putting strain on the eyes or causing a distraction.

Automatic adjustment

Our products have a maximum screen brightness and light sensor readings to automatically adjust to their surroundings.

Low lighting

SMART BRIGHTNESS®️ takes place automatically to ensure lighting is reduced to an industry low, ensuring less light pollution.

Environmental efficiency

Even in a buzzing modern metropolis, SMART BRIGHTNESS® limits power usage and lessens the impact of light pollution.

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